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The Curious Case of Tribeca's Kiboshed Copper Cross

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Here at right, an exclusive Curbed rendering of 177 Franklin Street in Tribeca, a vacant, seemingly innocuous six-story loft building that traded hands a year or so back for $11.5 million. Why the glowing cross, you ask? Per Downtown Express:

It looked like an ordinary landmarks application at Community Board 1 — a one-story penthouse addition, plus facade improvements — until the architect mentioned the 6-foot-tall cross. The application for 177 Franklin St. was for a church called Glad Tidings Tabernacle, architect Brian Kaye explained, and the church wanted a copper cross sticking out of the center of the building, measuring 6 feet high and 30 inches wide.But, hey, silly misunderstanding! Turns out the church making over the building never wanted to offend anyone, so the cross is gone. As for offending anyone, let's turn it over to Community Board 1 Landmarks Committee's Bruce Ehrmann: "Hell would freeze over before I’d vote for a cross [that big], or a Jewish star."
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