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Week in Review: Rem Seling in Soho, Coney Follies Start in Earnest, Chupster Breaks Our Hearts, More

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Before you settle into your Saturday routine, check out some of our favorite posts on Curbed this week:

1) Soho: The sales office for Rem Koolhaas's 23 E22 has opened and all we can say is the photo gallery is a must.

2) Coney Island: The city started the public review process for its deeply controversial plans to rezone the area near the boardwalk. It includes 4,500 apartments, 800 hotel rooms, new retail and and 9 acres of amusements.

3) Harlem: The Aloft Hotel on 125th Street has turned out to be so nice they've had to reveal it twice.

4) Williamsburg: Is that really the waterfront? Oh, yes, it is. Look at how Edge has grown.

5) West Village: Oh, Chupster. The duplex penthouse at Palazzo Chupi has now been PriceChopped to $19M. At one point it was $32M. Now, it's $19M! We are shattered.

6) Long Island City: Check out the latest new building reveal. Seems like only yesterday large parts of the neighborhood were a wasteland.