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CurbedWire: Williamsburg Water Park, BellTelPod Revealed

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WILLIAMSBURG?That on-again, off-again new Maspeth Avenue building that got some amusing lawn signage is causing some serious trouble. A water pipe burst in the building, and food blogger Me So Hungry has an account and photos on his website. He e-mailed us further explanation: "The building next door seems like it's been abandoned for quite some time by its developers. Their water pipe busted over the weekend and it flooded their entire basement. It seeped into our building. My neighbor had a foot and half of water and I got a couple of inches, but a lot of stuff did get ruined. We all (fire dept, our landlord, neighbor & myself) can't seem to get a hold of the property owners. When I called, it rang once and gave a super loud buzz in my ear. I guess they don't want to deal with it." [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN BK?Yesterday we mentioned the frenzy caused by the BellTel Lofts-branded iPod nanos being handed out to brokers. The BellTel folks didn't want people thinking our lame Photoshop job was what the iPod actually looked like, so they sent us a photo of the goods. Care to see?