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On the Racked: Black Fleece Minutes From Opening, Big Cig Bust, LaNell's Drama Guide, More

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1) West Village: It's unclear if the delays at Black Fleece, the collaboration between Brooks Brothers and short-pants-loving designer Thom Browne, "are due to bad juju from former tenant Nusraty Afghan Imports, Inc. or just construction issues." But, we swear, the place is this close to opening. Within minutes, almost.

2) Everywhere: A bunch of teenagers helped bust bodegas selling cigarettes to underage buyers. That happens in New York?

3) Red Hook: The saga of LaNell's rye emporium on Beard Street has more twists and turns than the Pacific Coast Highway and if you haven't been keeping up with it, do check in. It's high drama.

4) Soho: The ever imaginative, always irreverent folks behind Kiosk in Soho have issued a list of their nine favorite objects to go with the year 2009, which they feel will be all about the theme of obsession. Check 'em out.