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CurbedWire: Hottest Karl of All Still Looking Messy, 75 Wall Street is Very Welcoming

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WILLIAMSBURG?Work at the Burg's most intriguing construction site--the empty lot that was formerly the site of a paint factory that produced highly toxic products--goes on and neighbors are still worried they're being subjected to toxic dust. A tipster writes: "It's scary every time the wind blows and you see dust." Someone who worked at the old plant shared some fascinating intel a while back. We stuck our camera inside and found that rubble being excavated from the old plant is haphazardly covered. Some is. Some isn't. This one could end being the Hottest Karl of All Karls. One hundred and eighty steaming hot units. [CurbedWire Staff]

FIDI?A press release showed up today saying that 75 Wall Street has kicked off its closings. The former JP Morgan Chase HQ has 349 luxury condominiums atop 251 hotel suites from Hyatt's new Andaz brand. A quick check of records show that closings started in October, so maybe they were giving us time to process all that info. [CurbedWire Inbox]

75 Wall Street

75 Wall Street, New York, NY