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Journey to the Top of the Standard: Hot Tubs & High Lines

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André Balazs's new High Line-straddling Standard hotel in the Meatpacking District is the subject of a slew of coverage this week. It's the centerpiece of New York mag's "Everything Guide to the New-Hotel Glut" feature, earning a rave from architecture critic Justin Davidson ("if Cézanne were a contemporary New Yorker, he might set up an easel here") and a test-run by an editor (last-minute Pastis resy: scored!). The Observer's Chris Shott also chimes in on the Standard today ("The Last Cool Building"), covering everything from Balazs's $18 million acquisition of the site to the heaven-and-hell video installation being put in the elevators. Oh, and then there's this deliriously informal on-camera interview with Balazs about the Standard that happens to steal a Curbed photograph (we'll let it slide?this time). Yes, it's officially Standard week, and it got us thinking: What can we add to the discourse? A lot!

We've already revealed much of the fruit of our Standard building crash when the hotel soft-opened last month, but at the time we couldn't get to everything. Now, we can, namely: the 18th-floor nightlife venue and the expansive rooftop. Here's what we know: the top-floor, double-height party palace?which has already hosted a party during the construction phase?will be divided into two spaces. One, a more casual bar area, and the other, a more refined clubby experience (that happens to have a gigantic hot tub). The roof has two levels, and will be accessible to Standard goers in some form?as well as available for private events. It's not hard to see why these spaces will be coveted. The freakin' views! On a clear day you can see forever. Check out the gallery above before the bouncers show up.
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