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P.S. 1 Winners Design Architecture's Afterparty

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[Renderings: MOS]

Art museum P.S. 1 has announced the winning design for its annual Young Architects Program, in which the museum's Long Island City courtyard is handed over to wide-eyed dreamers and their crazy visions (last year: urban farm!). Young Brooklynites Hilary Sample and Michael Meredith won the competition, and the annual 15 seconds of New York Times megaphone that goes with it. The design combines recyclable aluminum framing and simple thatching arranged in the usual series of primitive domes, huts, and wading pools. But what does it mean?

In their official proposal, the architects say their design is meant to honor and reflect current economic realities. The materials are basic, including a lightweight aluminum frame comprising recyclable parts, with minimal assembly required. “Today, we find ourselves at the after-party, rethinking and resituating architecture,” they wrote.
So it's essentially a VIP room for victims of the recession. Party on!
· MoMA Award Goes to Architecture for an Economic Hangover [NYT]


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