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Governors Island is Most Troubled Island Not on Lost

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Governors Island, for all its planned, proposed and very real awesomeness, has a bit of a problem?it has no money! That's not quite news, but the situation is getting dire. As the Observer's Eliot Brown reports, last year's Governors Island budget shortfall was made up by surplus funds from the state budget. There is no line in the state budget supporting Governors Island, and, uh, that state surplus might be a little light this time around (the budget is due April 1). The island's troubles, unfortunately, continue from there.

The city might also stiff Govs Island due to a tight budget, and that cool old ferry the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation bought for $500,000 turned out to be a lemon, and after failing to sell it locally they'll now give eBay a whirl. Yikes. But all hope is not lost! There have been "conversations with the governor’s office" about restoring around $15 million per year in funding between the city and state, though it's unclear where turning an abandoned Coast Guard base into a dreamy Dutch-designed Garden of Eden currently ranks on his list of priorities.
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