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CurbedWire: LA's Libeskind Leftovers, Philippines Pay Up

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LOS ANGELES VIA UNION CITY, N.J.?World-renowned starchitect Daniel Libeskind sure does bring out the critics. A bi-coastal Curbed reader dropped a line to both us and our healthier-eating, more eco-conscious LA sibling mocking the DL for ripping off his never-realized Union City, N.J. project (top left) for his recently revealed downtown Los Angeles megatower (top right). Can't say we really see the connection. We're more inclined to agree with a Curbed LA reader who compared Libeskind West Coast to Vanilla Ice's hair. [CurbedWire; Curbed LA]

MIDTOWN?Back in 2003, Mayor Bloomberg announced he was suing several foreign governments over back taxes and interest he claimed they owed the city for various buildings owned by those governments. Turkey settled last year for $5.1 million, and now the Philippines is the latest nation to fold. A press release from the city says the Philippines will pay $9 million?85 percent of the amount the city had sought?over the building at 556 Fifth Avenue. City Room has more on the topic. India and Mongolia, you're next! [CurbedWire Inbox]