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Yet More Visions for the Endlessly Pared-Down Atlantic Yards

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Once we learned the New York Post had commissioned its own rendering of the new, stripped-down vision for Atlantic Yards, we took our own shot at it—and invited readers to do the same. Above, two of the submissions thus far: above left, "Here's my vision of Atlantic Yards: Huge public subsidies being flushed down the toilet for the benefit of a well-connected developer"; above right, "The city’s newest McDonalds at Atlantic Yards!" There's a certain je ne sais quoi at play in both these renderings, no? (And a certain echo of this famous picture in one of them.)

More Photoshopped submissions welcome to the tipline. Send 'em in by tomorrow and we'll publish the best of the rest. You're not getting subsidies, but you are having fun!
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