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LiveBlogging Palazzo Chupi's Mindblowing New Website

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SonOfCrbd: And here we go with Chupi v4.0
CrbdDaddy: oh boy. they don't have
SonOfCrbd: first, the music
CrbdDaddy: first, the low-res JPGs
SonOfCrbd: yeah, right?
CrbdDaddy: seriously, they know you can adjust the quality level of images in photoshop, right?
CrbdDaddy: we'd be pilloried if we ran photos of this ilk. lot of reveals here, though

SonOfCrbd: and the photo in the beginning of the big patio wit the furniture in it, is the furniture photoshopped in?
CrbdDaddy: there's the bathtub room we saw when we toured the place -- the one with the fireplace next to the bathtub?
SonOfCrbd: in the intro, it says "truly a work of art unlikely to ever be replicated." i think that's a safe bet, no?
CrbdDaddy: oh, i think they can give a money-back guarantee on that promise

CrbdDaddy: this intro is still going!
CrbdDaddy: this could be up for short-form oscar
SonOfCrbd: how does this stand up to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly?
CrbdDaddy: hm, didn't see it
SonOfCrbd: with the music and all that, is this supposed to be a Schnabel-like high/low kind of thing?
CrbdDaddy: i don't know, but i know chupi deserves better than this

SonOfCrbd: for the first time, the triplex/duplex are being actively marketed as a potential COMBO
SonOfCrbd: you don't even get a discount
CrbdDaddy: amazing
SonOfCrbd: the crescendo at the end is epic
SonOfCrbd: the whole thing is epic. it's, ChupiRiffic!
SonOfCrbd: how long do you think that intro was? New NYC record?
CrbdDaddy: definitely

CrbdDaddy: oh jesus, the property info page is even worse. looks like a handout from a third-tier brokerage
CrbdDaddy: here's the real question: why are they calling it by its address everywhere, and not palazzo chupi?
CrbdDaddy: they're abandoning the brand!!!
SonOfCrbd: actually, on the top of the window, it says Chupi Palazzo
SonOfCrbd: which i am NOT a fan of
CrbdDaddy: i am massively disappointed by this

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Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014