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Artist Proves That Brooklyn is Sketchier Than Ever

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[Drawings: Walt Taylor; click to expand]

Long and drawn out back story: A Virginia artist named Walt Taylor spent a little time in Brooklyn over the summer, camping out in a "Victorian neighborhood just south of Prospect Park" that we can narrow down to Ditmas Park. When he headed back down South in September, Norfolk newspaper the Virginian Pilot published a page of his slice-of-life Brooklyn sketches. Brooklyn blogger Flatbush Vegan is from Norfolk, so FV's mom mailed over the newspaper page, which FV just got around to putting up. It mentions Walt Taylor's blog Crack Skull Bob, which has a wealth cool illustrations available for perusal. Whew! Top left: Quintessential Park Slope summertime hang The Gate, and some miscellaneous Brooklyn color.
· Travel Sketches [Crack Skull Bob]
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