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'Biomorphic' Upper West Side Apartment Has New Owner

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The Ost apartment, a blobby spectacular in 1997, has finally found a new owner. When the Times revealed it in '97, the project was so hyper-specific (2BR SEE-THRU-BTH ORANGE FBRGLASS NO DOORS) that it was shocking that anyone would throw that much money into it. Goodbye, resale value? Designed by Columbia University professors Sulan Kolatan and William MacDonald, the swoopy rendering-made-real apartment has found a new owner. She's a sculptor (like the original owner) and she found the serious, groundbreaking, computer-generated forms "cheerful," "uplifting," "fun" and, apparently, "worthy of my $1.6 million," proving that if you look long enough there is a buyer for your wildest renovation.
· In a Manhattan Apartment, Back to the Future [NYT]

33 West 67th Street, New York, NY