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CurbedWire: HL23's 'Erection Sequence,' Thor is High Bidder on Coney Site

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WEST CHELSEA?Though construction seemed to be zipping along when we checked in on the site in November, a tipster thinks architect Neil Denari's HL23 along the High Line has hit a wall: "Work has been stopped for over a month -- death rumors are flying." Not so fast! A building rep tells us, "There is an "errection sequence" for this very special structure that requires shoring of steel at certain phases as it rises, via pouring of concrete. We are right at one of these moments now (at seventh floor) but the weather has stalled the pouring of the concrete. The thing is totally full throttle on and plowing ahead." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CONEY ISLAND?Because a day doesn't go by without some sort of bizarre bit of news emanating from the southern tip of Brooklyn, an update now on Thor Equities-backed pro-redevelopment website that then became a Belgian porn site that, a bunch more crazy stuff happened. Anyway, the domain was recently auctioned off, and a tipster tell us how it all went down: "The auction of has come and passed. There were seven bidders, and eventually the site was won by a bidder who paid $600 for it. This bidder is now known to be Thor Equities." TWIST! [CurbedWire Inbox]


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