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Adventures in Stop Work Orders

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A stop work order was slapped on the W New York Downtown Hotel & Residences in the Financial District for "unsecured material near the edge of the building, unprotected holes in the floor, inadequate overhead protection and smoking materials found." Oh, this also happened: "A construction worker showed up drunk last Thursday to the W Hotel tower rising at 123 Washington St. and made his way up the building, according to a city Buildings Dept. complaint. His boss told him to put on a harness, part of the safety protocol, but the worker yelled that he didn't need one, said a source familiar with the incident. The worker then jumped off the 36th floor of the building into protective netting one floor below, said John Gallagher, spokesperson for contractor Tishman Construction Corp." Actual wording from DOB complaint: "DRUNK WORKER JUMPED INTO HORIZONTAL NETTING AND RAN OFF JOB SITE." [Villager, previous]

W New York Downtown

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