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Sept. 11 Memorial Opening Won't Be a One-Day Stand

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There has been some debate over whether the opening of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, scheduled for the tenth anniversary of the attacks, would really be an "opening" at all. After announcing that the majority of the memorial plaza and its various elements would be in place by 9/11/11, Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward later backtracked and said the project would be closed off after the anniversary and re-open in 2012, when the museum will be finished. That caused quite a stir, and the Port Authority has been busting its hump on the memorial ever since. That hump busting has paid off, because Ward now says the memorial plaza, reflecting pools and parapets inscribed with victims' names will be completed by the anniversary and remain open afterward, even as construction continues around the site. If only the news concerning some of those new towers was as good.
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