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MTA's Fulton Transit Center Oculus as Almost-Dead as Ever

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The Fulton Transit Center's 50-foot glass oculus, the planned hub's signature architectural flourish, barely?and we mean barely?survived the MTA's doomsday budget. Now, depending on whom you ask, the oculus is still alive and kicking or has one foot in the grave. The A/N Blog cites a WNYC report that claims the MTA has decided to go forward with the above-ground building, but sans light-reflecting oculus. The Times reports that the MTA expects to pin down $497 million in federal funds to complete the project, but the authority wouldn't commit to building the $40 million oculus. A source at project architect Grimshaw told the A/N Blog "the oculus still exists," but NY1 reported this week that it may be replaced with a skylight. Perhaps, given the federal funding and a need to endear the project to the masses, it should be called the Obamulus?
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