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Week in Review: WTC Memorial Progress, Atlantic Yards Shrinky Dinks, Chupi's New Website, Standard's Hot Tub

The week's biggest Curbed headlines, presented in the borough deathmatch format.

Manhattan: Sept. 11 Memorial Opening Won't Be a One-Day Stand, MTA's Fulton Transit Center Oculus as Almost-Dead as Ever, Scenes from 2019: Flatiron, The Hotel, LiveBlogging Palazzo Chupi's Mindblowing New Website, Ben Van Berkel's New Manhattan Project: Battery Goes Dutch, Journey to the Top of the Standard: Hot Tubs & High Lines, Plaza Penthouse Suits Settled!, Meet Battery Park City's Most Dysfunctional Building, Matz-NO: Lower East Side's Streit's Factory Pulled Off Market,
Jean Nouvel's West Side Wonder Getting Glassed, East River Park's Snow Jump Gets Its Powder On, Floorplan Porn: Insanity Palace Six-Into-One Special!

Brooklyn: Fresh Visions of the Endlessly Pared Down Atlantic Yards, Yet More Visions for the Endlessly Pared-Down Atlantic Yards, Is Most of Brooklyn Bridge Park Being Put to Sleep for Now?, Fire Kind Enough to Leave Kent Ave. Real Estate Unharmed, Rendering/Reality: South Williamburg School Almost Ready

Queens: P.S. 1 Winners Design Architecture's Afterparty, P.S. 1 Architecture Competition Runners-Up Blow Up the Party, Attention EastCoast Renters: Big Rockrose is Watching You, Arrested Development: Flushing's Sky View Parc Iced?

Bronx: Wheel of Misfortune: Major Bronx & Brooklyn Parks Edition

Staten Island: Astroland Rocket Update: Staten Island Exile Looms for a While

Elsewhere: Governors Island is Most Troubled Island Not on Lost, (Aztec) Pyramid Scheme for Roosevelt Island Revealed!, Eye on Dubai Arrested Development Edition: Grim Tidings for Nakheel Tower and Jumeira Gardens, Eye On Azerbaijan: Island Master Plan Says Eff Off, Carbon!

This week's winner: Manhattan!