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CurbedWire: Big-Ass Solar Panel Invades Burg, Urban Ass House Moves to Gramercy

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WILLIAMSBURG?That would be a huge solar panel atop the Greenbelt, which is a green condo on Manhattan Avenue in Williamsburg, Roving Curbed Photog Will Femia climbed a roof to get absolute proof that the Greenbelt is indeed green. [CurbedWire Staff]

HUDSON SQUARE?Looks like MTV's "The City" has been using Philip Johnson's Urban Glass House to substitute for a building in Gramercy. How does this happen with the Ass House? We don't know. But a tipster writes: "Notice that when they refer to Erin's apartment, they say that it is in Gramercy. The exterior shot of the apartment however is none other than The Urban Glass House in Hudson Square. They make this mistake several times. A few other times they do show another apartment which could very well be in Gramercy. I think you guys should point it out. Feel free to take credit for the discovery." Nah. Tipsters always get props for such findings. [CurbedWire Inbox]