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Rendering vs. Reality: Scarano's Fourth Ave. Monster

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If ever there were a rendering vs. reality comparison that leaves one breathless about how the pedestrian reality is oh-so-much-less nauseating than the rendering, this Robert Scarano at 110 Fourth Avenue (aka Brooklyn's Park Avenue) is it. Looking at the one on the left, we get chills running up the spine and the dry heaves. Looking at the photo on the right, we feel the beginnings of a headache and an urge to fart really hard. Actually, it's a sense of relief that the nightmare turned out to be just another crappy Fourth Avenue building. It'l be 49 units and maybe be called Park Slope Court. It comes from the same developer that did the beloved Hotel Le Bleu, but we think the main amenity is still the KFC across the street and the car service next to it. Luxe Fourth Ave. living at its finest.
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