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Northside Pier is Finally Open: So, Hipsters Can Still Freeze!!!

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What is formally called the North Fifth Street Pier behind Northside Piers is finally open to the public after months of delay on the part of both the Toll Brothers firm and the Parks Department firm. To reach it, one walks down N. 5 Street through the Northside development (where security guards used to confront one) and down a long and spooky wooden tunnel before emerging into sunlight. Frankly, it's like a Target version of the piers the state built in Long Island City, but it is public waterfront access and it's finally open, months after it was supposed to. (Hey, nothing like a January opening for a pier on the East River.) Hipsters have already staked out their ownership claims. We found a crew of amateurs shooting some kind of vid and a twentysomething female approached us and told us not to take any pictures on the pier. Seriously. Hijinks ensued. Self-important hipster photo cops!!! They were last seen headed in the direction of Union Pool.
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Northside Piers

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