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Burg Hipsters Lose a Place to Freeze Off Ya Ya's

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It's gone. East River State Park is closed. The gate on the 7-acre park was locked on January 1 so the state could save money and it won't reopen until April 1. The grand savings are expected to total (gasp....please sit down) $40,000. Seriously. A miserable $40K. We don't know whether to laugh, scream or cry. One dude looking at the sign announcing the closing asked the most profound question of this still young New Year: "Why have a park if it's closed?" State Assemblyman Joe Lentol is working on a deal to try to reopen the park with the NYPD protecting hipsters fighting frostbite on extremities and important reproductive organs. The Assemblyman says "It seems as though it will become a reality." The plan is to have the NYPD open and close the park,have community grouups clean it and post signs telling people not to go in the water (duh). The state says the plan as of now is still to keep the park closed. Unless there's a deal in which case, freeze away.
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