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Not So Happy New Year for a Pair of Boozy Landmarks

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2009 is only 106 hours old, give or take, and already we know a few things about this bastard of a year. Like, for example, that it's shaping up to be a horrific twelve months for beloved New York City icons. Blame the recession, changing tastes, lease disputes, old age, whatever?no institution is safe, and that goes for high-end glitzy throwbacks like the Rainbow Room restaurant at 30 Rockefeller Center, and scruffy St. Marks dives like the Holiday Cocktail Lounge. Regarding the former, the Ciprianis will close the 74-year-old restaurant next week due to declining returns and a rent battle with landlord Tishman Speyer (the Ciprianis want the Rainbow Room landmarked to prevent a potential conversion to office space). They'll keep the Rainbow Room's bar area and banquet hall open. Meanwhile, down in the East Village, Vanishing New York reports that the Holiday hasn't been open in days and the 90ish-year-old owner of the classic dive is reportedly in the hospital. A temporary hiccup, perhaps, but a bad way for boozehounds to start the new year.
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