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The City: Where the Heck is Whitney Living?

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We promise we'll drop our fascination with the MTV realityish show The City soon enough (Real World Brooklyn premieres tomorrow!), but the awesomeness of main character Whitney Port's whirlwind apartment hunt cannot go unmentioned. In last night's episode?the third in the epic tale chronicling a young woman's move to New York to work in fashion and badger an Australian to death?Whitney, still new to the city, decides to find her own place because her roommate's boyfriend is in town for a few days. She ends up taking a high-floor studio in what looks like an all-glass building in what we're told is Gramercy, even though it's the first apartment she sees, the building's leasing agent pulls the old "I can't hold it, I need to know right now!" trick (OK, the market probably was hot when this was filmed), and, hello, she's a PR assistant? Must have had a good co-signer. Anyway, then things get a little weird.

During the episode's airing, we couldn't help but notice that the brick facade of the building seen when Whitney and Jay are out on the balcony discussing Kierkegaard doesn't quite match the exterior seen in other shots (we pulled some blurry screengrabs from the streaming version on MTV's site). Is the glassy building being used solely for more aesthetically-appealing establishing shots, and Whitney actually lives in a building slightly more dour? Unclear, because the apartment's interior does seem to go with the floor-to-ceiling windows of the newer, fancier building. Then we thought about scanning the GraMurray archives in an effort to ID Whitney's mystery building, but we already hate ourselves for taking it this far. Any ideas?
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UPDATE: While Curbed commenters debate whether Whitney lives in the Post Luminaria or The Elektra, the glass tower being used (just for exterior shots?) is most certainly the condo building at 325 Fifth Avenue.

DOUBLE UPDATE: Alright, we say with confidence that we can now close the book on this pressing matter. Here's a handy illustrated guide to the Whitney Port Apartment Situation. If she's still around you can be her neighbor for $10K/month.