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CurbedWire: Gansevoort Fights Standard's Banging With Amour

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MePa?We'll we've already had that business about how André Balazs's Standard welcomes you and yours to bang away in your room. And we've had plenty of talk about how the Standard will crush the Gansevoort in the competition for MePa Eurotrash supremacy. Now, we have the Gansevoort's response: A Valentine's Day Love Indulgence Package. We're talking love friends, not just banging away. There is a difference, oui? Per the release: "Whether you’ve been bitten by the love bug, or just want some loving, Hotel Gansevoort’s sensual Valentine’s Day Package aims to please. With champagne, Twister, a book of erotic games and more, this package has all the items necessary for creating some naughty distractions that’ll leave anyone swooning. Located in New York’s vibrant Meatpacking District, Hotel Gansevoort is offering this untamed package from February 12-16, 2009. With prices starting at $545.00* for a Deluxe room and $765.00* for a Suite, the Valentine’s Day Package is full of sin-tillating treats." And all the Standard can do is talk about banging. Tsk tsk. [CurbedWire Inbox]