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The City BOMBSHELL: Erin Ain't Urban, She's in McStarck!

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After yesterday's drama regarding the location of The City star Whitney Port's Gramercyish apartment?conclusion: shacking up at Third Avenue rental building The Elektra while exterior shots of 325 Fifth Avenue are used to perhaps protect privacy (oops)?the remaining pressing housing mystery surrounding the most important reality show of the past two weeks has to do with Whitney's BFF, Erin. As previously mentioned, Philip Johnson's Urban Glass House is used as the stand-in, even though we're told Erin lives mere blocks away from Whitney in Gramercy and the Urban Glass House is out west in?ack!?Hudson Square. But from what we've seen of Erin's place on the show, her pad does like fairly modern and new. So where does Erin, daughter of AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams, rest that barbed tongue of hers? Answer: East 23rd Street's favorite McDonald's-touting luxury condo building, Gramercy by Starck!

Writes a very special Curbed tipster:

Seems MTV didn't want to actually show Erin's real apartment, which apparently is in the Gramercy By Starck condo building at 340 East 23rd Street. In early-2008, daddy Cliff (AC/DC's bassist) paid $845k for a 1 bedroom apartment (3L) in the building. The deed is in the name of Cold Mountain Investments, which is a Cliff Williams firm that operates from the musician's Fort Myers, Florida McMansion.

In February 2004, Cliff and his wife Georganne paid $1.25 million for a condo at 63 Downing Street in the Village. The deed to that apartment was transferred to the Cold Mountain firm in March 2007. Maybe that was Erin's prior digs.

The Elektra is just two blocks away, so everything seems to check out. And here we thought the Misshapes DJing the McStarck opening party would be the building's biggest brush with fame!
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