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On Wanting One's Slope Neighbor to Eat Stuff & Die

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We always love a good I Hate My Neighbors Rant, and Brooklynian has served up prize winner that includes a long discussion with even more rants. And, it comes from everyone's favorite target of opportunity, Park Slope, two words that cause some people to foam at the mouth. The subject line was a very New Yorkish "Does anyone else hate their neighbors as much as I do?" Heh. Heh. Talk about flame bait. Anyway, here's the original rant:

I have never been so miserable in my life. The place I live has the most obnoxious people living here (and some may even say I should include myself in that but that's a whole other topic!) Let's see: my neighbors below are loud. They blast their tv/music and leave it on for hours on end (sometimes days on end..). When asked to lower it they ignore you, say they'll think about it, or do the complete opposite and make it louder.
And here is the rest:

My neighbors above me walk like they are 500 lbs each (and there are two of them living above me). They are so heavy on their feet that the walls sometimes shake! They walk back and forth and back and forth with shoes on (imagine if they were women wearing high heels but no they are men...who some would say should be "light on their feet..." but sound like 2 barrelling elephants). They are up at 2-3 every morning to pee (and I can hear the toilet flush, it's very loud) but they are like clod-hoppers going back to bed. The folks next to me smoke so the putrid air permiates through my closet walls and when you walk by their door it wreaks....The folks at the end of the hall are musicians. While you would think that could be nice to hear, they SUCK. So they play at all hours and it's sad. I really really hate it here and will hopefully be moving on soon. This is sad cause I really love my apartment and location but can't stand being so miserable walking out my door every day or going to sleep at nite.Ah. Another lovely, peaceful life in the big city. We highly recommend the entire discussion thread.
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