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Brooklyn Keeps it Real

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MTV's Real World: Red Hook'd & Lovin' It! premieres at 10 p.m. tonight, and the Times doesn't quite buy the show's portrayal of Brooklyn: "The show introduces cast members in different spots all over Brooklyn — Brooklyn Heights, Coney Island — as if it were a single neighborhood spackled with pizza and Junior’s cheesecake rather than a place of varied neighbors. The fantasy is that the yuppies never invaded, and the $7 million brownstones and $25-a-pound wild salmon don’t exist. As Chet explains when he lands in the borough, speaking just under the Brooklyn Bridge: 'Brooklyn is usually spoken of as more of a place you don't want to end up.' He is worried he might be shot. Some intervention would have helped him realize that there’s little chance of that outside the River Cafe." [NYT]