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Astroland Destructoporn: Rocket Removal Money Shot

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The iconic Astroland Rocket was removed with a huge crane late yesterday from atop the building where it had sat for years. The 41,000 pound rocket was hoisted to the ground and an announcement about its new home is said to be pending. (It won't be sold for scrap.) There a big discussion about it all on the Coney Island Message Board and regulars Captain Nemo and Pablo Jonesy were on hand to get photos and video. Nemo wrote: "It was a sad day, for even the sky was crying. It seemed this wasn't a planned media event. Several photographers seemed to show up the last moment." Charles Denson of the Coney Island History project, which has been trying to find it a new home says the group is currently in "serious negotiations" to move the rocket to a new Coney location. "It looks like it [might] be staying. It's a survivor, and it'll keep the Astroland name alive. It's a time capsule; everything inside is absolutely preserved."

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