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Construction Watch: Scarano's Blackest Burg Bldg Darkens Nabe

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We have called this Robert Scarano building going up at 365 Union Avenue the Prince of Darkness, but even that doesn't seem adequate now that it is fully clad in black, right down to the smoke-tinted glass. King of Darkness? Big Black Box? The Dark Side of Union Avenue? In any case, it does make quite an impression. (It also looks like this slow moving project has a lot more work to go on the interior.) Too bad it isn't taller, because it could be the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. If they're smart, they'll just call it 365 Union and get it over with. We wonder what it would look like if everyone got different colored neon-colored drapes.
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365 Union Avenue

365 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY