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On the Racked: Vuitton Goes Graffiti, Apollo Braun Unloads, David Z. on St. Marks Dies, More

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And now the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Soho: Louis Vuitton's facade is covered in graffiti in an homage to punk artist Stephan Sprouse, but the preparations for tonight's release party are still under wraps. The Greene Street store is closed all day so that grubby fingers will not touch the collection until celebrities have their way with it.

2) LES: Relentless attention whore and, in the words of Racked, "inflamed pustule" Apollo Braun is trying to unload. You can get those tees and hoodies for $20. Wearing them may be another matter.

3) East Village: Reach for the Kleenex, friends, footwear retailer David Z. on St Marks is dead. We know, half the city is calling for Paxil refills right now.

4) West Village: Racked writes that "When WWD speculated in November that Tom Binns' first boutique could be open on Perry Street in the West Village as early as January 1, we wondered at the fact that he was planning to open at all." Well, in fact, that jewelry box is coming.