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On the Market: Little House on Lafayette is Ready to Rock

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Like us, you've probably walked by the tiny three-story building at 185 Lafayette, between Broome and Grand Streets, and wondered how such a prime storefront space could go so long without a tenant. Well, we just found out why: Somebody lives there! Correction: You live there, at least, you will if you pony up the $2.99 million asking price. The 2,800-square-foot former fire station is currently configured as a one-bedroom home with a full basement and a roof deck. Need more intrigue? According to the listing, just two days old, "Huge garage on the ground level (currently the professional recording studio of a famous musician) is allowed by zoning to be used as working or living space." Groupies not included.
· Listing: 185 Lafayette [Ostrov Realty Group]