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East River Park About to Get EXXXXXXXtreme

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The little league fields of East River Park are mostly devoid of any and all signs of life during the bitter winter months, but our friends at Red Bull?energy drink/total immersion lifestyle?have figured out a way to inject some attitude (and potentially horrific injuries) into the under-utilized parkland: giant snowboarding jump! On February 5th the crazy rendering seen above will become flesh, as Red Bull's "Snowscrapers" event takes over East River Park at Houston Street?with a performance by Anthrax and what we imagine will be a Radio City Christmas Spectacular season's worth of fake snow. Do check out this video, in which a pair of brahs stand in the park and explain the construction of the ramp-to-be ("It's about double the height of these trees behind me"). Bitchin'.

· Red Bull Snowscraper [redbullsnowboarding via dpstyles/Flickr]