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Red Hook Waterfront Plan V.2.0 Adds Ferry to Governors Island

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Call it the plan that will not totally die and that keeps changing as it flops around, getting more confusing with each go-round. Last year, the biggest part of the plan was strangled when the Red Hook Container Port managed to keep its space. That left the Atlantic Basin and Pier 11. Plan V.1.0 had art galleries, hotels, restaurants, etc. Plan V.2.0 has space for Phoenix Beverages on Pier 11 (but no Brooklyn Brewery). Today's Post adds detail to a report that originally appeared in the Brooklyn Eagle that there would be ferry service to connect Brooklyn directly to Governor's Island, so that Brooklynites (gasp) don't have to Manhattan first to get someplace they can practically throw a baseball at. The new plan will also include a docking facility, a cultural institution and green space that will be part of the Brooklyn Greenway. The fun part, of course, will be the politics of determining who gets what piece of the pie. As to that, we are hearing many rumblings of Machiavellian manuvering.
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