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Funky Friday Listing: Williamsburg Rental FROM HELL

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Yeesh, how about the photos included in this Craigslist listing for an available bedroom ($800/month) in a 2BR Williamsburg apartment? They're not very telling! In fact, this looks like the kind of place that cursed. But fear not, says the the apartment's other inhabitant:

Come enjoy all the amenities that Williamsburg has to offer: brunch, bars and boutiques; along with all-night parties, and oh-so-secret romantic hideaways. All this and DEFINITELY NOT more at the humble intersection that you might call home. Additional bonuses include a shared backyard with the downstairs apartment which is in NO WAY resting on top of an ancient, desecrated indian burial ground

Share with 24 y/o female who HAS NOT woken up in a cold sweat, heart racing, a horrible prickling sensation beckoning at her neck- the evil presence behind her, closing in, faster, and faster---! NEVER happened to her. Is a smoker though.So, if the curse doesn't get you, the secondhand smoke will?
· $800 NOT cursed bedroom in lovely NOT cursed 2 brm [CL]