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Spectacularly Broken Angel Needs Divine Intervention

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[Photo courtesy of sokref1/flickr]

Yesterday, Brownstoner reported that Broken Angel, the one-time eccentric Clinton Hill landmark on Downing Street was on the market. Today, Jotham Sederstrom fills in a lot of sad details of the exceptionally sad Broken Angel story in the Daily News. The building has been put on the market by owner Arthur Wood for $4 million and banks are filing for foreclosure on development loans. In the meantime, Mr. Woods' wife has been diagnosed with cancer. He told the News: "My wife is extremely ill, and, yes, it's been two years of extreme depression for both of us. I was never interested in putting it up for sale, but this is the only way we can bail out of the problems we have right now." The building has pretty much been destroyed and bears no resemblance to the one that made it a landmark. The News writes "Now all that remains are four floors of boarded-up windows, sparse electrical wiring and an elevator shaft, which had been built in hopes of erecting condos." The Woods are living in a building developed by Shahn Andersen, who was supposed to convert Broken Angel into a luxe condo. It's been one of the most bizarre Brooklyn stories around since a mysterious fire in 2006, but now it's also one of the saddest. There have been no solid offers on the building.
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