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Red Hook's Isolation May Have Doomed Cheyenne Diner

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The future of the Cheyenne, a freestanding diner that survived on the corner of Ninth Avenue and 33rd Street for 68 years, is looking bleak?again! Last time around, the Cheyenne was spared from execution at the eleventh hour when Mike O'Connell?son of Red Hook developer Greg O'Connell and hero to all reality-loving Red Hookers?bought the diner with the intention of moving it to Red Hook's waterfront. But as Chelsea Now recently reported, the diner wouldn't fit on the Manhattan Bridge, and moving it by barge was proving to be too costly. Now, New York diner watchdog (!) Michael Perlman has sent out a panicked e-mail saying the Cheyenne is back on sale for a "reasonable but negotiable price" with destruction coming "within the next few weeks" if a deal is not brokered and the diner isn't moved from its current site. He also offers more insight into the soured Red Hook move, and shows a penchant for referring to himself in the third person:

The best route towards the diner's future salvation is the George Washington Bridge, amongst a few others, but the GW route didn’t connect to Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was difficult to access Red Hook due to its location. Perlman has already received notification from potential buyers from NY, MI, AL, & UT. While the Cheyenne can potentially land a good home out of state, many patrons are praying that a NY-based buyer will contact the Committee at, so it can ideally remain closer to its roots than the Moondance Diner in WY.

The Cheyenne briefly came back to life for a movie shoot over the summer. Was that the classic diner's last hurrah?
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