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Superior Shocker: $25M Penthouse Already Back on Market

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In what has to be the most audacious and downright crazy real estate move of 2009 (though there's still time!), the $25 million Superior Ink penthouse sold to Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander this week in an all-cash deal is back on the market for $39.5 million. Elliman superbroker Dolly Lenz has the listing, which was pointed out by a Curbed commenter on this morning's item about the Superior sale. The Far West Village listing is so fresh that there are no interior photos or floorplan porn yet (UPDATE: FP is going up now), but here are our three favorite bonkers things about this:

1) In a matter of hours, the penthouse has gone from selling for $3,955/sf to asking $6,249/sf. Talk about appreciation!
2) We're talking 6,321 square feet of completely raw space, meaning a buyer would have to shell out the cash to build the space out. Forty million buys so little nowadays!
3) This guy once employed Ron Artest, and therefore should have a pretty solid grasp on the limits of sanity.

Folks, we're back in 2007. Who's coming along for the ride?
· Listing: 400 West 12th Street [Elliman]
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