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LIC Power Hour: Penthouse Sells for $2 Million!

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"You guys haven't covered LIC in ages," a Curbed reader writes. "Would love to know what's going on there!" Us too! Ever since the market soured it's like there's a blackout on all Long Island City information. Not a peep nor a tip was heard across the land. Well, stranger, to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, we hereby decree that the next hour will be nothing but LIC coverage! All LIC, all the time! (For 60 minutes; painless, we swear.) We have no idea how much intel on the little-nabe-that-could we'll dig up, but hey, here's something!

Earlier this week there was an update on the house that was severely damaged by condo construction next door. That new development is Casa Vizcaya, and we figured it was just another outer-borough hack job. Not so! The Miami-ish building is by noted designer David Howell, and get this, last month a penthouse sold for $2 million. We can't remember the last time a condo in LIC hit the $2 million mark, and it just about doubles the second largest sale in the 'hood over the past couple months. Wow!

According to the property records we just peeped on StreetEasy, the buyer is Fausto Lima III, perhaps a vice president at Smith Barney. We're not sure how much of a crazy huge sale this is because we don't know many details about #PHB, like the size or whether the toilets are made out of platinum (a parking space was included in the deal). The building's website doesn't spill any specific details about the penthouse, so if anybody out there is familiar with it, do tell. Last January another penthouse in Casa Vizcaya sold for $849,000. That ain't $2 million, so for this remarkable achievement we say this: Way to go, LIC!
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