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Launches & Releases: Tribeca Gets Its Own Hooch!

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We direct your attention to Tribeca Citizen, a new online clearinghouse for updates from and about the land of plenty. It was started by a six-year Tribecan who, while on long walks with his pug, sought to answer some burning questions: "What was filming on Duane Street? What will that huge new Frank Gehry building look like? What is David Bouley up to now? When I couldn’t find a website with the answers, I began to envision one." We'll overlook this cruel slight to Curbed and Eater because Tribeca Citizen has an item up today about something that really speaks to us: booze. A beverage company has a new ready-to-pour cocktail drink called Tribeca Light. And what does Tribeca taste like? Pomegranate- and mojito-flavored malt liquor, mostly. It's not clear where we can get our hands on Tribeca Light, but we promise not to enjoy it while driving our Tribeca SUV, officer. Lingering question: What will Tribeca North taste like?
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