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Pay $44 Million Now, Get New West Village Townhouses Later

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The dirty little secret in the West Village right now is that even though large swaths of the neighborhood are in protected historic districts, we're currently in the midst of a townhouse building boom. Over on Bethune Street is Robert A.M. Stern Row, Downing Street has the triplets and the new hotel on Perry Street recently added the two Townhouses on Washington Street into the fold. It's the latter we'll focus on now. Developer Madison Equities just issued a press release saying the two brick David Helpern-designed mansion are officially a go. Priced at $23 million, 705 Washington Street will be 25 feet wide and have 7.437 square feet of interior space. The slightly smaller 707 Washington (a measly 20-footer) is priced at $21 million. How is Madison Equities attempting to generate interest before the shovels are even in the ground? By pitching this pre-construction buying opportunity as a buyer's chance to "design and build their own interiors." Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't a plan in place.

Here's what the Madison Equities team and David Helpern have in mind:

The proposed layout will feature five full floors above grade plus the mezzanine gallery level, and a sky-lit artist’s studio, entertaining kitchen and powder room that are adjacent to the private terraces on the top floor. The lower level will include a wine cellar, laundry room and storage areas, and each floor will have direct elevator access. There will be an enclosed garage with electric car capability and the potential for multiple fireplaces to be created throughout the home. Reinforced art walls in the master suite, living and dining areas exemplify the developer’s thoughtful attention to detail with art collectors in mind. Each townhouse plan makes opportunity for spectacular, unobstructed views from the top of the home, with spacious morning (eastern) and evening (western) terraces. Ample outdoor space is also provided via the large private gardens complete with rooted trees and lush lawn.What, no separate terraces for the mid-day power nap or the drunken 2 a.m. pizza binge? Have you no decency, Madison Equities?
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