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On the Market: West End Avenue 'Celebrity Penthouse'

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Catch the On the Market roundup in the NYT this weekend? There was a flashy bit of zebra-loaded real estate porn (Is that a design trend nowadays?) at 685 West End Avenue that caught our eye for a few reasons:

1) It's a one-bedroom penthouse. Those are always fun.
2) How 'bout that wraparound terrace? Va-va-voom.
3) It's being sold with all furnishings included, "right down to the silverware in the kitchen drawers."
4) The online slide show mentions the apartment is "owned by a television celebrity," and the listing calls it a "West Side Celebrity Penthouse."

Speculation on current ownership warmly encouraged. As for the penthouse itself, the asking price (forks and all) is $1.675 million. Fair?
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