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Ask Curbed: Tenant Wants a Broken Toilet Discount

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We don't often get into home maintenance issues over here at Ask Curbed. But a reader has written in with an urgent question:

I have been without a functional toilet for 5 days. The landlord has made efforts to fix the problem (visited my apartment several times, snaked the drain, replaced the bowl, etc.). Each time the super/plumber comes by, the toilet works for a few hours and fails again OR the landlord says he has to come by the next day to do more work. The landlord has given me keys to an empty apartment on my floor so that I have access to a working toilet...I've wasted hours and hours of my time calling building staff, waiting for them to respond, waiting for them to come by, etc. It is incredibly annoying having to leave my apartment to go to the bathroom... Given how ridiculous the situation is, I'd like to ask my landlord for some money off on next month's rent. Is this reasonable? What is the best way of going about it? We don't know, but we're betting some of you do, commenters. What's the average discount for a non-working toilet these days?
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