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South Bronx Has No Desire to be Like Greenpoint

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The massive "digester eggs" of Greenpoint's Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant have become a sanitation sensation despite being full of shit. They have a really cool light show. They have a nature walk. Condos were built with views of their hulking silver grossness (since turned rentals, but still). They once appeared on a cake. A cake! That people ate! All this, it seems, is not good enough for the South Bronx.

The Department of Environmental Protection's plan to build a set of 13-story digester eggs in Hunts Point has been shelved for at least a decade due to city budget cuts, and local leaders are very pleased. The community board objected to the plan because the bacteria barns would be the tallest buildings in the area, casting shadows over a new park and leading to terrifying renderings (above). Guess Greenpoint's taste for waste doesn't necessarily translate to other 'hoods.
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