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New Columbia Building's Quick Rise is All Thanks to Science

We're not sure what crazy secrets Columbia University is planning to house in the labs of its new science building at Broadway and West 120th Street, but they must be pretty friggin' important. It was back in May when we spotted the first pieces of Pritzker Prize-winning Spanish starchitect José Rafael Moneo's facade getting lifted into place. Now the Times checks in on the current state of the 14-story building, and holy Bunsen burner, look at all that aluminum and glass. There's still debate as to whether or not the building plays nice with the Morningside Heights campus's historic architecture, but there's no debating what a pain it has been to get this thing built. Among the difficult conditions: Building on top of a gymnasium while not interrupting basketball season. The team went 12-16 last season, but it was probably shooting bricks?not installing glass?that was to blame.
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