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Tent of Tomorrow May Not Actually Be Here Tomorrow

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Now that the New York State Pavilion has spent nearly 45 years slowly rotting in Flushing-Meadows Park, we have official evidence showing that the Philip Johnson-designed pavilion has been...slowly rotting for nearly 45 years. Queens News got hold of a city-ordered study of the pavilion by engineering firm Robert Silman Associates, and the outlook is dire and expensive. Stabilizing and preserving the so-called Tent of Tomorrow would cost $20.3 million to $29 million. Demolishing it would cost $9.7 million. The report outlines all kinds of nifty tricks engineers could use to fix the foundation, which they say needs "urgent" repairs. "If the timber pile deterioration continues on its current path, the condition of the structure above may very well be immaterial," the report warns. What is the condition of the structure above? Oh, pretty bad. There are cracks in the walls and the roof cables are in danger of snapping. Before the city makes a decision: more studies! But what do you think, Helen Marshall?
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