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New Hudson River Park Home for Duffers and Dockmasters

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The sight of the wonky structure rising on Tribeca's Pier 25 can only mean that folks will be grabbing the old flatstick and heading over to the Hudson River for a stroll around the links. What's going up at the river's edge will be a pee wee clubhouse of sorts, home base for Hudson River Park's newest miniature golf course. Undoubtedly the new set of holes won't be as goofy as what was here before, but the views will be second to none, with the sight of Lady Liberty just beyond and a clear view of Jersey's Colgate Clock for keeping those tee times on schedule. The only thing that could keep the fun from starting anytime soon is a little problem with funding. The projected start date for mini-golf on the Hudson is this time next year. But we all know how easily downtown plans can be derailed.
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