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Urban Glass House Fights Garbage Garage With Bottle Service

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The recent Mad Men episode about the Sanitation Department's planned garbage truck garage along West Street between Canal and Spring Streets was not the death throes of a movement, but rather the resurgence of one. After a quiet period, angry citizens of Tribeca and Hudson Square will once again rally against the Tower O' Garbage, and it all goes down tomorrow evening. Their aim is to gain support for Hudson Rise, an alternative proposal with a smaller and cheaper garage topped by a cute little patch of green. The last big anti-Garbage Garage event involved Lou Reed and models making fun of his Lil' Lou, and recently James Gandolfini has been campaigning on behalf of Hudson Rise. But it's not about the celebrities! Except that it is.

Check out that star power! And a mayoral candidate! Will Bill Thompson stop the Tower O' Garbage? Hmm, how many times can Lou Reed vote? The rally is not the only action in the land of the Big Stink, by the way. Residents of the nearby Urban Glass House at 330 Spring Street have been some of the more vocal opponents of the garage, because they're the ones who'll have to live right by it. And that, friends, would be a huge drag on the Ass House. But someone didn't get the memo about the building becoming less glam once the garbage comes to town. According to Guest of a Guest, "Manhattan's newest exclusive social club" is opening up inside the UGH. It's called the Parlor Club, and it's totally amazing. Will the "members-only sanctuary" accept sanitation workers? Over Kirsten Dunst's dead body.
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