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Ace Hotel Tenants Now Fighting Each Other

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When last we left the Ace Hotel?scene of one of the city's 63,000 current wars between a luxury hotel management team and rent-stabilized tenants left over from less-glamorous days?Chelsea Now had filed a lengthy piece on tenants' complaints, a laundry list that includes being forced to use a cramped service entrance, being told to stay out of the lobby when not buying anything and various other perceived harassments. Is life in the former Hotel Breslin really as the story made it sound? No, says one tenant, who wrote a letter to Chelsea Now aiming to debunk some of the charges. A brave soul, indeed.

Despite "some inconveniences," tenant James Rouse wrote, changes at the Ace have been pretty swell. That didn't sit well with the Breslin Tenants Association, one of two rival TAs at the Ace. In a lengthy e-mail to Curbed picking apart the letter ("James Rouse seems to think that the photo of one of the tenants' bathrooms is not an accurate picture of the conditions for tenants living with shared baths. How would James Rouse know when he has a private bath?"), the BTA once again hits on the sore spot of the separate tenants' entrance at 1186 Broadway:

The area is not kept up like the rest of the hotel. The threshold is raised where older tenants may trip and fall and seriously hurt themselves. One morning last week the foyer was used to store unsightly hotel barware and velvet rope stands from last nights party. How do they fit 200+ party guests into a lobby with an occupancy of 72?Above, photographic documentation of said unsightly barware in the tenants' foyer/service entrance. Is it so bad? Not really, but mole hills quickly become mountains in these SRO-to-boutique-hotel battles. So will there ever be peace in this civil war? Maybe, if both sides can unite to find a common enemy. Which reminds us! Check out what's going on at the Ace Hotel tomorrow night:

We all know how the live music experiment worked out at the Jane Hotel down in the West Village, but maybe their problem was charging for drinks and not booking Afropop bands. What could be better?
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