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Upper UWS Downzone Shoots Itself in Foot

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The upper Upper West Side thought it was done with luxury high-rise problems when, in a bout of anti-Ariel fury, the community board and the City Council downzoned 51 blocks of the UWS. But in a moment of weakness, the community board left out one site -- the Jewish Home Lifecare campus at 120 West 106th Street. And now it's come back to bite them in the tuchus. The retirement campus plans to swap properties with developer Joseph Chetrit. Jewish Home can build a new 22-story building on what is now a parking lot in Chetrit's Park West Village on 100th Street, where the new zoning called for open space. Chetrit can build luxury housing on the current retirement home site. Everybody happy? Not quite. Upper UWSers are crying conspiracy and drafting legislation to take back the Jewish Home's zoning exemption. But Ethan Geto, the Jewish Home spokesperson, is sure everyone will be fine once the shock wears off. "It's not a betrayal," he says. "The only thing it is, it's unexpected."
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